Cape Coral PD arrests 3 in Easter morning robbery

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Three suspects are in jail after police say they held a young man at gunpoint in his own driveway and threatened to kill him and his brother Easter morning.

Riquia Washington,Ā  24, Bruce Cason, 22, and Dejua Thomas, 22, are facing multiple charges.

Sunday morning, police responded to the 1600 block of NW 1 Ave. Around 3:30 a.m., the victims were driving home when they noticed a car that appeared to be following them as they neared their residence.

They pulled into their driveway and stopped. The 19-year-old driver noticed that the other vehicle stopped behind them, and the occupants exited and were approaching his door.

Police say two of the suspects pulled open the driver’s door and yelled at the driver to get out. One suspect was pointing a gun at his head. The driver complied, but as he exited the car he told his 16-year-old brother to call 911 and closed his door.

The driver was ordered to his knees. Both suspects demanded all of his money and cellphone and threatened to shoot the driver. According to officials, the male suspect handed the gun to the female suspect and she struck him in the face with it. She also threatened to kill the driver and his passenger.

The driver suffered a significant injury to the left side of his face and nose. The driver told officers that the suspects could hear the 911 operator speaking to his passenger and the male suspect ran around to the passenger side of the car. The driver stated that he heard and could see the passenger window shatter, and then he heard the suspects yelling, “Let’s go!”

He was able to provide descriptions of the two suspects that approached his side of the car and a description of the suspect’s vehicle, as well as its partial tag, as the suspects left.

The passenger was able to provide descriptions of the suspects as well as a description of the suspect’s vehicle.

Officers saw a vehicle matching the description traveling at a high rate of speed eastbound on Diplomat Parkway, coming from the direction of the victim’s residence. Officers conducted a high-risk traffic stop in the 2400 block of Diplomat Parkway East. The occupants were detained as they matched the descriptions provided by the victims.

A show-up was conducted and both the driver and the passenger independently identified all three occupants as being the same that had attempted to rob them. The vehicle, a white 2013 Kia Optima, had been reported stolen on March 16. A semi-automatic handgun was recovered from the vehicle.

Cason was positively identified by the driver and his passenger as being the person armed with a handgun, making threats to shoot them while demanding money, and broke the passenger window attempting to enter the vehicle to stop the passenger from calling 911.

Cason was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, and burglary.

Washington, was identified by authorities as the suspect who demanded money and hit the driver in the face with the gun, causing significant injury. Washington was charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery.

The third suspect, Thomas, was charged with armed robbery.

“Both the subjects in this case were observant and did exactly what they needed to do as far as keeping an eye on what was going on, giving a good description of the car, giving a good description of the suspects,” said Sgt. Dana Coston.

Even though the suspects were caught, neighbors are still on edge.

“Kinda scary, I’ll have to be sure to lock my doors from now on and watch out, that’s for sure,” said neighbor Jack Greeson.

Police say if you ever think you’re being followed, drive to a well-lit public location, such as your local police department.


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