Naples may install more cameras to help catch criminals

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NAPLES, Fla.- Cameras are keeping a close watch on you.

The City of Naples already has 154 and now leaders want 100 more. This won’t come cheap. But, is it costing you your privacy in addition to your tax dollars?

You may not realize it, but the eye in the sky is watching you all around Naples. From 5th Avenue South to the City Dock, more than 150 cameras are set up to help catch criminals. Now, the city wants to spend almost $200,000 to install 100 more cameras.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said visitor Jamille Bernardes.

Some of the cameras are out in the open, while others you won’t even know are there. Homeowner Jim Matthews tells WINK News he’s all for the city spending the money.

“I would think it would be good in the climate that we’re in these days,” said Matthews.

The cameras keep a recording for 30 days. If a crime is committed, Naples police can watch what happened and hopefully catch the criminal.

City leaders say they’re leaving the possibility open for using facial recognition technology in the future. Still, some visitors say they don’t like that Big Brother might be watching almost everywhere they go.

“I really do object to all the spying that’s going on by several governments of this world,” said visitor Jim Campbell.

City Council still has to vote on the additional cameras. That vote will most likely happen in June.

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