Naples firefighters save dog stuck under boat dock

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NAPLES, Fla.- A dog was rescued after being wedged and stuck under a boat dock between a seawall and dock piling.

Late Wednesday night, firefighters with the Naples Fire Department arrived at the home on the 1900 block of 4th Street South.

The dog was a black 1-year-old mix breed female terrier named Bleu weighing approximately 30 pounds.

She was adopted from the Humane Society in September 2014.

Bleu was stuck underneath the dock, between the dock piling and the seawall. Two of the family members were on a kayak underneath the dock, trying to support the canine from drowning.

A 16-foot roof ladder was placed into the canal and against the seawall for stability and support.

The kayak was used to support the weight of two Naples firefighters. Officials say Bleu was breathing and conscious and did not seem aggressive.

Firefighters were unsure of how long Bleu had been stuck. She seemed to have gotten her torso wedged between the piling and seawall. While supporting the canine’s rear-end, the front of the dog was shimmied up the piling little by little until freed.  The rescue efforts took approximately 20 minutes.

After being rescued, Bleu was checked for injuries. Officials say she appeared to be okay with minor cuts and scrapes on her paws and legs from the oysters on the seawall.

The very happy and thankful owners were advised to wash her cuts and abrasions with soap and water and have the canine taken to the veterinarian in the morning for a check-up.

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