Ozzie the Bald Eagle could soon return to the wild

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SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla. – Doctors at the CROW Wildlife Hospital continue to evaluate and treat Ozzie, Southwest Florida’s famous bald eagle and say he could soon return to the wild.

Doctors preformed a series of x-rays on Ozzie Tuesday morning. Revealing his shoulder and wing bones that were severely fractured are healing very well. He’s also gaining weight, eating better and has more energy.

Dr. Heather Barron, Hospital Director at CROW, says Ozzie is doing so well, they plan to move him into a small flight cage later this week and see how he improves from there.

“Gradually we’ll work him up to our larger flight cage, which is about the size of a football field and actually ask him to exercise a little more intensely,” said Barron. If Ozzie preforms well in the larger flight cage, he could be released back into the wild in about a month.

Ozzie was brought to CROW about six weeks ago after he was found injured on the side of a Lee County road back in March.

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