Video of homeless vet playing the piano goes viral


SARASOTA, Fla.- A video of a man is going viral after he was captured displaying a beautiful talent– his ability to play the piano.

Unlike his music, 51-year-old Donald Gould’s life has not been so beautiful.

Dirty nails, skinny arms and a long beard. But if you see the video, all you hear is beauty.

“It is my passion. I just like to make people happy out there when I’m playing,” said Gould.

That incredible talent coming from an unexpected source is now a viral video.

“It’s overwhelming to me. I can’t believe it. I’m still fighting off tears.”

There are seven pianos around downtown Sarasota, put there by the Arts and Cultural Alliance.

“The whole idea is to give access to people who want to be able to express themselves,” said Jim Shirley.

For Gould, it’s the only way he makes money.

“Sit it on top of the keyboard in hopes of making tips because I’m homeless.”

The former Marine says years ago, his wife died and because of his drug problem, he lost custody of his son.

“Every day, it’s painful.”

Gould often plays in front of Raffaele Perna’s restaurants.

Perna wishes there was more he could do for Gould.

“We are trying to control the amount of tipping that happens, not because we don’t want them to be rewarded, but they take the money, booze and whatever they buy and then they come back an hour alter and they can’t even play the piano. That’s the heartbreaking part to it,” said Perna.

With the attention of so many, the only person Gould hopes sees the video is his son.

“I wish he would come and find me.”

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