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Next Florida House speaker promises sweeping changes

Author: the associated press
Florida governor’s mansion and state capitol building. Credit MGN

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – The next Florida House speaker is promising sweeping changes in everything from schools to how long judges can stay on the bench.

House Republicans on Wednesday officially selected Rep. Richard Corcoran as their next House speaker. Corcoran will assume his post in November 2016 if Republicans hold on to their sizable majority.

In his speech, Corcoran said legislators were the “enemy” because they seek lucrative jobs and cave in to special interests.

The Land O’ Lakes Republican wants to ban former legislators from lobbying until they have been out of office for six years. Corcoran also said he wants to enact a 12-year limit for judges.

Corcoran also wants to change state law so that any parent can get money to send their children to a private or religious school. Florida currently gives private school vouchers to low-income families and families with children with disabilities.