Expert: Muslim surveillance, torture ‘ineffectual’ for anti-terrorism

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump responded to Tuesday’s terror attack in Belgium by insisting the United States introduce surveillance to Muslim neighborhoods.

But that would be nearly impossible, a local terrorism expert said on Wednesday.

Kevin Govern is an associate professor at Ave Maria School of Law in Naples. His expertise includes topics in national security and homeland security law.

Govern said there is no simple solution to countering terrorism.

“A broad-brushed approach to counter terrorism is ineffectual and is thankfully not a way the U.S. nor its allies approach the individual threats,” he said.

Cruz said that law enforcement should be enabled to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized” on Tuesday after the attacks, which killed 31 people and injured 270.

Trump plans a temporary ban on foreign Muslims and applauded Cruz’s proposal as a “good idea” that he supports “100 percent” in an interview with CNN.

The businessman also endorses the use of torture during interrogations and in retaliation of terrorists.

But the use of torture could be detrimental to the United States, according to Govern. The courts have deemed techniques like waterboarding illegal, while many countries consider extreme torture immoral, Govern said.

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