Smart kitchen appliances do more than cook

Reporter: Therese O'Shea
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(SWEEPS FEED) There’s a new wave of smart kitchen gadgets that not only help do the cooking: they also help consumers make healthier choices.

“We live in a world of fast, convenient, and easy,” said Amber Smith, a registered dietitian. “So I think a lot of these gadgets help accommodate changing lifestyles.”

There’s the Pantelligent, which is a frying pan that connects to an app and uses an auto-pilot to control a food’s temperature. Then there’s the Egg Minder, which alerts consumers when their eggs are going bad.

The Woodsam Digital Kitchen Scales weighs food for appropriate meal portions and the SmartPlate, which is still in development, will help weigh and analyze food intake.

Even with the technology, Smith said it is up to the consumer to stay dedicated to making healthy choices.

“It’s still a choice — so behind all of these gadgets there still needs to be the person who wants to make the choice to eat healthy, who is going be committed to it,” Smith said.

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