UPS delivers assault rifle instead of toy airplane


OCEANSIDE, N.Y. (CBS) — A New York couple was horrified when a UPS delivery they thought was a Christmas present turned out to be something else: an assault rifle.

The husband of the family said they even drove around with the firearm after having the UPS deliveryman place the box in the trunk of their car, thinking it was the gift they ordered, CBS New York reports.

Newsday reported that the husband, identified by the newspaper as Joel Berman, opened the keyboard-sized case in front of his wife and 6-year-old granddaughter Wednesday night in Oceanside, on Long Island. Instead of a toy plane they were buying for their friend’s son, they found a semi-automatic rifle, scope, stand, ammo clip and copies of an Arizona man’s driver’s license and concealed-weapons permit.

They hustled their granddaughter out of the room and called police, who picked up the weapon.

A spokesperson for UPS said in a statement that this was “a highly unusual incident” and that they are investigating,CBS New York reports.

“UPS does accept shipment of certain firearms in our domestic U.S. system as long as the shipments comply with applicable law and are shipped in accordance with company policies,” the statement said. “These shipments must be between licensed manufacturers, dealers, distributors, collectors and exclude consumer shipments. UPS puts responsibility with the shippers of regulated goods to follow the requirements for labeling and specific packaging.”

UPS said it is working with the couple to ensure the toy they ordered gets delivered in time for the holidays.

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