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New report sheds light on Estero I-75 shooting

Reporter: Amanda Hall
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ESTERO, Fla. A newly released report details how quickly the scene unfolded Nov. 14, 2016 when Ashad Russell, a Concealed Weapons Permit holder, shot and killed Edward Strother at Exit 123 on Interstate 75.

Russell, 35, of Lehigh Acres, came to the aid of Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, who was being attacked by Strother, the report said. Russell gave Strother a warning and then opened fire.

Witnesses saw Strother point a gun out of his car window as he passed Deputy Bardes, who was working on a crash on the shoulder of the highway near mile marker 126, according to the report.

Russel told investigators he saw Strother jump over the cruiser’s door, land on top of Bardes and start violently “beating” him, the report said.

Seconds later, shots rang out from the exit ramp.

Strother collapsed immediately after Russel shot him. Bardes was transported to Lee Memorial hospital and released a short time later.

Although there were dozens of witnesses, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said nobody called 911.

Instead, witnesses recorded the scene on their cellphones, the report said.

The Florida state attorney’s office cleared Russel of any wrongdoing last week.