Naples man bonded with Las Vegas victim over truck one year ago


NAPLES, Fla. The bond between a man and his truck was taken to a whole different level nearly one year ago.

Naples truck shop owner Jake Cambria drove his law enforcement themed-truck to Las Vegas for a car show in Oct. 2016.

Cambria bonded over his truck with 34-year-old Las Vegas police officer and youth football coach Charleston Hartfield.

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“There was a bunch of cops in the parking lot and he was one of the four cops that we talked to for a little while, just kind of hung out, took some pictures with the truck. It was pretty cool,” Cambria said.

Cambria was on Facebook Monday night when he realized Hartfield was one of the 58 victims in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Although their conversation was brief the day they met, the shooting hit home for Cambria.

“I was just upset…meeting somebody for an hour and talking to them and then finding out later on something you built like this actually meant something to them and somebody that you actually know,” Cambria said.

The encounter served as a reminder and inspired Cambria to continue his work.

“I’m going to continue to build trucks like this and show them off and you know try to put a meaning out there for what people like that do,” Cambria said. “Makes it worth it 10 times more.”

The next truck Cambria will build will honor firefighters.

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