‘It’s okay to be white’ flyers on FGCU campus reignite heated debate

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Baker-Royo is seen here in security footage via FGCU police

A student at FGCU has sparked a heated debate after posting ‘it’s okay to be white’ flyers around the campus.

Griffin Baker-Royo says he did it in response to the “white racism” class being taught this semester at FGCU. But other students say the class isn’t anti-white, but anti-white racism.

“We go to a predominately white institution. Things like that aren’t uncommon,” said Alexandria Davis, an FGCU student.

Campus police say on Tuesday, the posters were put up by a student, sparking a campus search for him.

It’s the second time posters like these were posted—since FGCU’s “white racism” class began.

The student was identified as Baker-Royo.

“As a Hispanic American, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t defend White Americans when they were under attack,” he said. “Politeness, decency and common courtesy will always do more to improve race relations in this country than any bigoted professor’s college class.”

Baker-Royo took the message straight to the professor, posting the flyers outside his office. But some say his actions are part of the conversation.

“I won’t say it’s a bad thing,” said Colby Frazier, an FGCU student. “It’s educating people about the topic. It needs to be talked about a little bit.

While others say he’s attacking the class and are misinformed of what the class is about.

“It’s not anti-white, it’s anti-white racism,” Davis said. “And white racism still exists to this day.”

Campus police say what Baker-Royo did isn’t a crime. But he will face student affairs for improper posting of flyers.

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