Tamiflu compound is less expensive option this flu season

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A Tamiflu compound is helping Southwest Florida residents fight the flu without breaking the bank.

Kassandra Hill knows what it’s like to deal with a sick child. With the flu hitting hard this season, she is doing everything possible to protect her 4-year-old daughter.

“It’s very difficult just because they’re so little and you feel like they’re so helpless,” Hill said. “We’ve stayed away from things like specific playgrounds, make sure we’re constantly using GermX, she got the flu shot.”

For those already fighting the virus, the medication Tamiflu is critical but also expensive.

Pharmacies say there is currently a low supply of the generic version of liquid Tamiflu, which is primarily prescribed to kids.

“It’s only seasonal and because of so many cases this year the manufacturers are not ready with such a big supply,” said Archana Yamsani, San Carlos pharmacist.

But there is another option.

Pharmacists at San Carlos Pharmacy on South Tamiami Trail are able to mix the medicine right in house. It’s called compounding.

“It’s the same stuff, it’s only that we are able to make it here not coming from bulk manufacturing company,” Yamsani said.

The pharmacy says the cost is significantly lower than purchasing Tamiflu. The exact cost depends on the strength of the medicine, the patient’s needs and their insurance.


Influenza tracking map map: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/usmap.htm

Flu shot locator: http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/prevention/flu-prevention/locate-a-flu-shot.html

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