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Needles, alcohol bottles found at North Fort Myers school bus stop


“I just want it to stop—bottom line, I just want it to stop.”

Tammy Irvin says she’s sick of seeing drug paraphernalia around her neighborhood. And the last straw was when her son found syringes and bottles of alcohol at a middle school bus stop.

“All of our neighbors have said they’ve found stuff like that laying around up there and…it’s not the first time. I wish it would be the last time though!” Irvin said.

Her 19-year-old son called Lee County deputies about this discovery.

“The cop said to them, ‘we’re not the cleanup crew. Next time you see something like that, just get a glove, pick it up and dispose of it.'” Irvin said.

Dione Watrous works in the medical field and said no one should be touching needles unless they’re properly trained.

“It worries me a lot because I know the risks. I know there’s hepatitis C and there’s HIV. There’s so many things you can contract from a dirty hypodermic needle,” Watrous said.

John King, a seventh grader, uses that bus stop every day. And like many, he wonders who is supposed to clean up that area.

“I would grab more than a pair of gloves,” King said. “I do not want to touch that.”

Watrous also has questions about whose responsibility it is.

“If not the property owner, then I would think the sheriff would be more equipped to deal with that than the residents around here,” Watrous said.

The Lee County School District said they have a safety and security component that can check out any school bus stop reported to them.