‘It’s extremely dangerous’: FHP provides safety tips when encountering wrong-way drivers

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What would you do if you were traveling down a road with a wrong-way driver heading your way?

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A wrong-driver was killed in a crash Tuesday on Palm Beach Boulevard, according to Lt. Greg Bueno, of the Florida Highway Patrol.

There were nearly 1,200 wrong-way crashes in 2016 in Florida, according to the FHP.

Bueno added crashes like these are somewhat common.

“It’s extremely dangerous not only for that driver it’s putting everyone else’s life in danger as well,” Bueno said.

Bueno urged drivers to stay alert, but when coming in contact with a wrong-way driver: slow down and get off the road, stay in the right lane if driving at night and call law enforcement.

“We’re all sharing the same roadway we all want to get to our destination alive,” Bueno said.

The FHP provided the following helpful hints as part of its #stayrightatnight campaign to prevent wrong-way driving:

  • Stay Right at Night to avoid crashes with wrong way drivers.
  • Call 911 immediately to report wrong way drivers. If you see a wrong way driver approaching, immediately reduce your speed and pull off the roadway.
  • Stay alert – do not drive distracted
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Learn and obey all traffic signs. If you drive past a wrong way sign, turn around immediately. When you see a posted red sign, think: “Stop.” “Do Not Enter.” “Wrong Way.”

For more information, visit the Florida Highway Patrol’s website.

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