South Fort Myers man creates unique wind turbine, energy alternative


A south Fort Myers man is working to revolutionize clean energy in Southwest Florida.

Jim Walker spent a collective 10 years creating and patenting a one-of-a-kind wind turbine. In addition to generating power, Walker said the design is silent and takes advantage of offshore winds.

“The unique design of these golden spiral wings and the way they’re placed in this device, it’ll rotate when the wind comes from any direction whatsoever and traditional wind turbines have to be pointed into the wind,” Walker said.

The quality of the design is catching on across the country, because it’s also easier to protect from hurricanes and strong winds.

“The wind can shift direction and each time it shifts the turbine will just increase in speed, rather than be disoriented by sudden gusts or variation in direction of the wind,” Walker said. “This becomes more efficient and more useful over time.”

Fort Myers resident Jan Klein believes finding energy alternatives is important.

“We are ruining our world with a lot of things we’re doing to it,” Klein said. “So the cleaner we can keep things going, I think the safer and healthier for our children.”

Walker said his next move is getting investors behind his concept. He’s also developing other prototypes to work under water for dams.

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