1 facing charges after pouring out gasoline, lighting it on fire at gas station

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A Cape Coral woman put multiple lives in danger after she allegedly lit a fire right next to gas pumps at a Circle K gas station.

Sources say the woman—Gloria Marie Burton—poured gasoline in the middle of the pumps and then a man lit it on fire.

“I was on my way up here at two o’ clock in the morning and I’m glad I didn’t come because that wouldn’t have been a good sight,” said Cape Coral resident Zach Free.

Cape Coral Police say Burton walked inside the Circle K off Cape Coral Parkway and asked for $12 to be put on her pump. She then went back to put gas in her car, but started pouring it onto the concrete between the trash cans and pumps instead.

“It was crazy…can you imagine what would’ve happened? We’d lose this for sure..and at two in the morning no one’s really paying attention,” Free said.

According to the incident report, another person lit the puddle of gasoline on fire, making his shoes go up in flames in the process.

“If they’re protesting the gas because it’s gone up a little bit…I get that…but it’s not the place to blow up a whole neighborhood,” said Cape Coral resident Bobby Jones.

Cape Police identified Burton because she was wearing her uniform from Duffy’s.

At this point, it doesn’t appear that the other person involved is facing any charges, but he did make a sworn statement to police.

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