Rising gas prices: How to save at the pump with apps

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Feeling the pain at the pump? You’re not alone. We’re paying more for gas than we were a year ago.

According to AAA, in Fort Myers, the average price of a gallon of gas was $2.10 in July 2017.

Now we’re paying an average of $2.69, in July 2018. But there are now a number of ways for you to battle your growing bill.

From for sale signs, to open houses, Scott Greenberg wracks up a lot of miles while on the job, “It’s actually really important to save money being a local real estate agent I drive a lot.”

So saving money at the pump is a must for any people, especially those that drive for a living.

That’s why Greenberg is now using an app offering cash back every time he fills up, “It’s great to have a cash back rewards system and it’s about time they do it for gas instead of grocery stores and everything else.

An app called GetUpside says it offers customers up to twenty-five cents off a gallon.
Users download the app and can see the ‘secret’ prices stations around them offer.

For example, if the sign on the road says $2.78 the app price could be $2.68.

Once you find the best bargain you tap ‘claim’ and fill up. After you fill up, take a picture of the receipt, hit upload and that’s it.

Receipts are approved within 48 hours and customers can get their reimbursement via PayPal or a check.

But that’s not the only company offering fuel savings.


Through GasBuddy there are two options offering cash back with every fill-up.

And the mapping app Waze also offers a service where you can find out where on your commute is the cheapest place to fill up.

One gas station owner who participates with GetUpside says the app is good for business because motorists come in and buy other things such as soda, food.

As for Greenberg, he says signing up for savings is paying off. Since May, he’s received nearly $40 back, “With gas prices fluctuating so much its great to save a little bit of money here and there.”

Are these cash back apps safe? And any concerns over privacy?

GetUpside says they don’t possess a users full credit or debit card information. And gas buddy says they use multi-level security, including firewalls to protect its users. Waze shares anonymous, publicly available information. And all three privacy policies are posted online.





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