Algae, moving with the tides, heads into Matanzas Pass

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Green algae is taking over our waters in Southwest Florida, and for the first time, it’s making its way into Fort Myers Beach.

Nick Mastrocola is disappointed too see all the green, “I saw it on the river, the Caloosahatchee, and just definitely, definitely bad. Like, I’d rather have the lake overflow than have it come down here honestly.”

Ernest Heinrich and his family are vacationing on Fort Myers Beach and say they’re staying out of the water, “We spend a decent amount to rent the boat plus the house and we just didn’t use it as much basically because the algae.”

Experts say right now, the strong currents from the changing tides are pulling that river water in.

Friday’s high tide brought algae down Bunche Beach and into Matanzas pass.

Mastrocola is concerned, saying, “Just really worried that it’s going to damage the coast and affect economy down here.

And they’re hoping the low tide will flush it back out before it gets a chance to grow.

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