Blue-green algae continues to linger in Cape Coral canals

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Algae in Cape Coral canals on July 21, 2018. Credit WINK News

In some parts of Cape Coral the blue-green algae in canals is starting to disperse.

But if you look where canals dead-end, there’s a lingering smell and huge presence of this toxic stuff still. It’s so bad one family says it’s forcing them to evacuate.

Jason Pim and his family have had enough, “This algae can’t go out with the low tide, it’s sitting at the end of canals really festering.”

“It smells like a dirty a diaper,” said Nicole Pim, and it’s that smell that’s forcing them out of their waterfront home.

“It’s heartbreaking. I’m a stubborn guy,” Jason said, “I don’t want to leave my house for this. It’s kind of ridiculous but, it’s ridiculous we let it get this way.”

The Pim family says this toxic bloom is creating health concerns and putting their life on pause.

“We like just playing in our tree house and going in the pool with our friends and we don’t even like to invite people over cause it’s gross,” said Katie Pim.

Just down the road from the Pim family is dozens of other canals with the same problem.

The Guzzetta family is living in the thick of this slime and say they can’t keep the smell out of their home.

“It can’t be healthy,” said John Guzzetta, adding “There’s got to be danger of some kinds of diseases. That smells like sewage.”

Although we’re in a state of emergency, reimbursement for a hotel if you’re forced to leave your home isn’t covered.

As for how long the algae can stick around here, biologist say blooms like this will likely stay for weeks, unless the wind pushes it out.

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