‘It’s still in my head’: SWFL pizza delivery man recounts helping save woman

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Mark Belcher, a Pizza Hut delivery man, says he can still remember every detail of the note he got from that woman. He added it’s something that will stick with him for a while.

“It written on a very small piece of paper —like it was written in eye liner, like she was hiding in the bathroom,” Belcher said.

It’s a delivery Belcher says he’ll never forget.

“Please call Tanya — wrote down the number,” Belcher said of his encounter. “Call 911 and tell them my life is in danger.”

A Cape Coral woman using his delivery stop as a cry for help.

“The only hesitation I had was leaving —leaving to go an call— because I didn’t know what he was going to do to her,” Belcher said. “It wasn’t about making hasty decisions —Adrenalin was going … it was calm down, do what she asked.”

Belcher followed her directions, called her sister and the police, who responded quickly.

“It’s still in my head a lot,” Belcher said.

A woman told police Alexander Pando, allegedly physically abusing her.

“How many people like that could be in danger, and that’s there only way to inform someone that they need help? Belcher asked. “It’s not hero to me — it’s like, ‘Wow – it brings back the emotions of helping someone without really thinking about it.'”

In their report, the officers mentioned the bruises she had on her arms and back.

“I do worry about her — I know she got outta there safely and I hope she’s doing great,” Belcher said.

Belcher said he hopes his simple actions will remind everyone to be a little more observant, because the next call for help could be yours.

“If you’re a person like me —doing delivers— it could be Panera or any place,” Belcher said. “Make contact with your customers — just be observant — care about people.”

Belcher hasn’t gotten in contact with the woman he helped, but says if they’re open to it, he’d like to hear how she’s doing.

As for Pando, he faces domestic violence charges.

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