Saving money should be a top priority, but how much is enough?

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A coffee here and a dinner there can really add up and impact your financial future if you’e not careful with the things you purchase.

Most people know that saving money is necessary, but it’s also hard to do.

One way to approach saving money is to go by the 50-30-20 budget rule.

That means to take 50% of your paycheck and put it towards paying for needs like housing, transportation and bills.

30% should go towards your wants like entertainment, gifts and dining out.

And the last 20% should go in your savings for emergency funds.

“Emergency funds are so important for people to start building up. You want to have at least $500 in your bank account just so you can handle an unexpected expense like your car breaking down or anything like that,” stated Kimberly Palmer from Nerd Wallet.

But keep in mind this is just one way to budget a savings, and if you’re able to do more, then you should do so.


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