Gigi’s Playhouse provides learning center for people with down syndrome

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Gigi’s Playhouse. Photo via WINK News

Gigi’s playhouse is a center for individuals with Down Syndrome, where they can play and socialize with others who have similar conditions.

Angela Rosenberg, has a son with down syndrome and she says she wants him to be able to play and make friends and go through life as normal as possible.

She said when he was diagnosed, she searched for anyway to make that happen.

“I had delivered Emery and found out his diagnosis I started looking and reaching around and, we don’t have a down syndrome association we don’t have anything really,” Angela shared.

But instead of giving up, she rallied other moms together to bring Gigi’s playhouse to Fort Myers a year ago.

She says now she can’t stay away.

“I’m here weekly, multiple times a week sometimes,” Angela said.

Gigi’s Playhouse offers all kinds of therapeutic and educational programs, but maybe the most important, is the individuals have a chance to have fun and socialize.

It is one of only 38 locations around the country, offering programs totally free for children and adults.

Gigi’s next goals are to bring on a volunteer speech therapist and build out to make more room for their growing playhouse family.

“When he walks in here, he runs in and knows the people here and knows the people who love him and support him and who are going to cheer him on,” Angela stated.

Offering a place unlike any other extraordinary family’s like Angela’s.






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