NCH doctor defends program, says patients can consult with their providers

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Dr. Bryan Murphey is the Physician Group Chairman at NCH and he says the “hospitalist” pilot program which started in late June is running successfully.

“It’s not money driven, we’re here to take care of patients,” Murphey said.

He proud of the new health program’s results and he believes patients who are concerned will see the benefits once they get more detailed information. He says that information will be available very soon.

In the pilot program, patients in certain units are only admitted and treated by doctors employed by NCH, but the facility says outside physicians are allowed to consult.

Murphey says the program started on a single floor at the NCH Baker Hospital location and has expanded to three floors.

“We welcome community physicians, we want to collaborate with community physicians if the patient chooses to be on one of our pilot floors,” he said. “And the community needs to understand this pilot does not effect any specialists they may see.”

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Which is why he says he is surprised by the backlash.

“I think there is a lot of disinformation being spread out into the public. Patients still have their choice they can choose to be on the pilot floor or choose not to be on the pilot floor. So patients still have a choice,” he said.

Murphey says NCH is focused on making patients their number one concern and the hospital plans to prove that to patients and doctors who are concerned about the changes.

“We’re a little surprised by the outcry from the community because we have such good data and we want to get that data out there and share it with them next week.”

And Dr. Murphey says the hospital will have two open forums next week Wednesday to discuss the pilot programs in detail, and those meetings will be open to the public.

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