Gas station installs chip readers to protect customers from skimmers

Reporter: Anika Henanger

A Bonita Springs Chevron gas station has technology gas stations across America are rushing to get.

When a customer slides a credit or debit card in to fuel up, the pumps will now read the chip, not just the magnetic stripe.

“The new chip readers coming out,” said Naples resident Lee Wayne. “Nothing better than for the customer to be able to do that.”

This is all to prevent card skimmers from getting customers information.

“Anything to prevent fraud,” said North Naples resident Lisa Atkins.

Visa, MasterCard and Europay told fuel stations if chip readers are not installed by October next year, the stations will be liable for fraud happening at the pumps, not the card company.

“So it’s an expense. So it’s going to take time to actually switch over. You can’t just do it overnight,” Wayne said.

But, thieves aren’t waiting. High-tech Bluetooth skimmers are popping up sending signals to cities, like Bonita Springs.

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Until all stations switch over, drivers are warning each other.

“Keep a close track of your credit card spending and check it all the time,” Wayne said. “I get alerts now, on my phone, if I spend more than $75 at any given time.”

Experts say a reason why all gas stations don’t have the new technology right now is because the whole pump would have to be replaced.

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