Beekeepers see an increase in the yellow creatures across SWFL

Reporter: Anika Henanger
Bee hive. (WINK News photo)

Bee-ware of a bad buzz.

Swarms of bees have been sighted across Southwest Florida. Experts said it is a sign these creatures are in good health. But for most people, there is nothing sweet about these yellow creatures — it feels like a bee invasion.

Marcelo Lang, a bee removal specialists, said it is the most bees he has ever seen. Lang receives over three calls a day.

Marcelo Lang removes bees. (WINK News photo)
Marcelo Lang removes bees. (WINK News photo)

“It’s just going to get worse,” Lang said. “Just going to get worse.”

One Cape Coral beekeeper said he is set to remove over 400 hives in 2019.

Experts said Florida laws have allowed more beekeepers to set up shop. Some hives are overcrowded. Bees will swarm, then look for a new home, which might be yours.

A swarm might have over 30,000 bees. Those creatures will create a lot of honeycombs.

But if a person sprays or swats at them, bees can become aggressive.

As the season starts up, it is best to remove these hives from your property before they become more extensive and more expensive to remove.

Bee removers also said to check your home for loose insulation bees can move into as the population increases in warmer months. Seasonal residents can ask for someone to keep an eye on their home while they are gone.

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