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How to preserve the beauty of Collier County as the population increases

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Goodbye to the old. Hello to the new.

But with new homes, condos and businesses popping up in Collier County, is all the change too much?

Cranes and concrete is a common sight for Collier County these days and it is only going to be more prevalent as the population increases. Development will be, too.

People have various opinions on the growth.

“It was nice back in 1978,” Jack Studley said. “Growth has been slow up to a point, but once Pelican Bay went in then the growth really started to pick up. Especially in the last few years.”

Chief among the complaints?

“A lot of things of gotten better,” Studley said, “but the traffic has gotten worse.”

That among the reasons Collier County commissioners are working on a new growth strategy. It is one that has balance between what is new and what makes Collier County a paradise.

Henry Kuchinski, a resident for six years, hopes this new balance includes a plan for young people like his son.

“The growth is great for working class people and Collier County because it takes people to support a community that provides jobs,” Kuchinski said.

“I’d like to see them eliminate condos,” Studley said. “There’s a lot of money and tax dollars in that, but that puts a lot more people on the road in a small area.”

Collier County believes this area of North Naples is a place where there is value for condominiums and mixed use buildings.

Collier County commissioners will discuss ways to make developments become more pedestrian and environmentally friendly at the next board meeting.