Roundabouts approved at busy intersections in Gateway

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
Gateway roundabout project. Photo via WINK News

Lee County Commissioners have approved the construction of two roundabouts at busy intersections in Gateway.

The dangerous intersections are both on Gateway Boulevard, one at Commerce Lakes Drive, and the other is at Griffin Drive.

Residents who live near the area of the intersections say these roundabouts are much needed.

“There’s been accidents where pedestrians have been hit and it’s very busy all the time,” said Pat Veach.

Since 2015, there have been 75 reported crashes on Gateway Boulevard at Commerce Lakes Drive, and 33 reported accidents at Griffin Drive.

Gateway resident Allen Singer believes driving habits are what is the cause for all the accidents.

“Well, people have excess speed they have disregard for 35 mile and hour limit, and I think that’s a major cause of the accidents,” said Allen Singer, who is from Gateway.

But others think the roundabout could cause more traffic.

“It’s not as easy as it sounds to go around about, people do not yield as they should,” said Jan Kopas.

The only other option that was suggested was to add a stop light at the intersections, but in order to do that, oak trees would have needed to be cut down.

The estimated time to complete the Commerce Lakes intersection roundabout would be near the end of 2019, and for the Griffin Drive intersection it would be closer to 2021.



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