Fort Myers bar back in spotlight after nearby brawl

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson
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Photo by WINK News.

Fists and bodies go flying in a brutal brawl. One woman is seen being stomped in video captured of the fight. Fort Myers police say it all stemmed from Fly Lounge, a place on thin ice with FMPD.

On Thursday, Fort Myers Police Department responded to a brawl that happened at a 7-Eleven on Colonial Boulevard across the street from Fly lounge.

In the recording, a man comes out swinging violently, and the chaos ensues.

“If a guy can hit a woman, then that’s just trash,” Colleen Dewely said.

Fort Myers police say a woman ended up in the hospital.

“That kind of violence, I mean, it just kind of makes you think twice about living in this area or stopping in these areas,” Alyssa Richardson said.

The Fort Myers bar is already in the spotlight for a history with drugs, guns and violence, including a fight where a police officer was slammed into the pavement. Police were called to Fly Lounge in Fort Myers nearly 100 times in 2018.

“If that’s the kind of people they’re attracting, then they should shut it down,” Dewely said.

The landlord tried to issue the business an eviction notice after the violence started spiraling out of control. About a month ago, the owner of Fly lounge won in court and the bar reopened its doors.

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“If it’s a place that has a history of issues and violent issues and altercations like that, I would say there is definitely something that needs to be handled of the safety of the entire community,” Richardson said.

The owner of Fly Lounge chose not to go on camera for interview but told WINK News her business had nothing to do with last night’s fight and claims there are more fights and violence at other bars in downtown Fort Myers.

Police did not confirm any arrests related to the brawl in time for air of this story.

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