How to protect yourself while traveling abroad

Reporter: Rich Kolko
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Summer is coming, and a lot of us are looking for adventure abroad. There are ways to protect ourselves in case something goes wrong.

We looked at safety measures to take before boarding an airplane.

Know where you are going. A visit to the U.S. Department of State’s website can give you threat and travel advisories, as well as a lot of additional information about the area. It’s a valuable tool.

Make sure people back home know where you are going. Also come up with a phrase word you can use to verify your situation. Keep it simple, or you will not remember them in stressful situations.

Make sure you have critical items on hand. If you wear glasses, always take them. Carry a couple of days of any medications. Your cell phone is the most valuable tool when on the road. Make sure it works. Make sure it’s charged. Always carry a battery and charging cable.

Bret Hood, a retired FBI agent, traveled to dozens of countries during his career and offers advice.

“When you are in a country, I would try not to talk too loud where strangers can hear your conversations because you don’t want people to think you are American,” Hood said. a lot of foreign countries associate Americans with, wealth which makes you a higher value target.”

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