Bail set at $465K for Cape Coral man accused of threatening a judge

Reporter: Taylor Petras
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Mugshot of William Daniel Seyfried. (Credit: LCSO)
Mugshot of William Daniel Seyfried. (Credit: LCSO)

A Cape Coral man accused of making threats towards a judge and leading police on a chase made his first appearance in court Wednesday.

Bail was set at $465,000 for William Seyfried, 43, with additional stipulations, including a GPS monitor, avoidance of drugs and alcohol, and to stay away from the courthouse unless his appearance is required.

The judge also requested a mental health evaluation.

The suspect’s mother, Mary Seyfried, and his wife spoke on his behalf at court. They said the suspect has mental health issues and they have been trying to find help for him.

Seyfried faces charges of Assault on an Officer, Threat to Discharge Destructive Device; Resisting Arrest; Intimidation (Threat to harm a Judge); Threat to Bomb (Manufacture, possess hoax bomb); and Hit-and-Run.

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Lee County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation on April 29 of threatening Facebook posts towards a Lee County Judge.

According to the arrest report, Seyfried posted several public videos on Facebook saying judges should die. An April 28 post shows the suspect holding an AR style rifle with a caption in the video inviting a friend to assist in “Operation Justice Extraction Point.”

On April 29, Seyfried posted a cartoon of the judge in a coffin within a 55-gallon drum, with the scales of Justice and a flower. The caption said, “He’ll fit (emoji of scissors) Filled with diesel stump remover a spark plug and a long [EXPLETIVE] wire.” Along with the caption was several emoji symbols, including an explosion signal.

Detectives knocked on the front door of Seyfried’s residence. A man, who detectives believe was Seyfried, yelled the police were trespassing on his property and needed to leave, per the report. When detectives went to their vehicles, they say Seyfried screamed, “If you’re going to point guns at me I’ll go get my guns,” and I’ll load my thirty round clip and see how you like it.”

During a Facebook Live, Seyfried armed himself with a bow and arrow, a baseball bat and a machete, while saying he would shoot a deputy in the face with the bow and arrow.

Armed, Seyfried fled the residence leading police on a chase before being caught. Law enforcement suspected he left several suspicious items in his home and a bomb squad went to his house Tuesday.

It’s currently unclear what was found, if anything, in the home.

Seyfried’s next court appearance will be on June 3 at 8:30 a.m.

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