Miami trio accused of planning to burglarize a Naples neighborhood


A trio of men from Miami are accused of traveling to Naples with a plan of burglarizing a neighborhood along Ninth Street North. But, Naples Police Department stopped them before they could act on their plan.

The men were caught with a mask and tools.

“It’s pretty obvious that their intention was to commit some kind of crime and somebody was going to get hurt in the process,” said Naples resident Rachel Laws.

Police say the three Miami men parked in an area bustling with children and families with tools that would be used for breaking into homes.

“It’s definitely a very scary prospect that there’s somebody driving around our neighborhood carrying those things and, potentially, could look at our house as the right one to choose,” Laws said.

NPD arrested Terrell McKinney, Laron Goree and Francisco Louis after finding drugs in their car and backpacks with screwdrivers, a multi tool, scissors, pliers, a wrench, house keys and a full face mask.

“Being from Miami, gosh, what are you doing over here with all those tools? I’m sure they’re not working on someone’s home,” said Naples resident Chet Singh.

The arrest report says the men told police they were in the city to borrow money from a friend. Neither neighbors, nor police, are buying it. Police say the spotted the trio in an area with recent breaks ins.

“We’re close to two schools and it’s a family friendly community,” Singh said.

All of this happening next to families puts them on edge, but say that crime happens anywhere.

“Regardless of where anybody lives, whatever neighborhood, we’re not on the outside of any probability for crime,” Laws said. “Things like that happen regardless of where you live.”

The trio are facing several charges for having drugs and burglary tools in their possession.

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