Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Parscale confident about Florida vote

Author: CBS
Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale. (Credit: CBS News)
Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale. (Credit: CBS News)

President Trump’s campaign manager said the Democrats would make a serious mistake if they move forward with impeachment proceedings against the President.

“The more they beat that drum, the more they keep saying impeachment, the more this emboldens our campaign and it pushes us forward,” Brad Parscale said during an interview with CBS Miami. “I think that they’re making a mistake. I think the polling data and the things that are out there show that we’re on the right side of the issue.”

Parscale was in Miami last week to attend a fundraiser for the Miami Young Republicans. His appearance came the day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke publicly for the first time about his 448-page report on his investigation of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Parscale was the campaign’s digital guru in 2016, spending $97 million in targeted ads on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. Parscale said he has not read the Mueller Report.

“I’ve read some of it,” he said. “And I also have a large staff which is nice. They said, `Read this. Read that.’ I obviously scanned it for my own name when it first came out as well.”

Parscale’s name appears only once.

Asked if he was disappointed his name didn’t appear more often in this piece of history, Parscale laughed.

“No, no,” he said. “I was tickled pink. I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. I knew my team didn’t do anything wrong and therefore obviously showed there was no conspiracy or collusion no case for obstruction.”

The report, however does make it clear that the Russian government attempted to influence the election in favor of Trump and that while the campaign may have benefited or even welcomed the help, there was no collusion between the campaign and the Russian government.

Parscale maintains he didn’t see any Russian influence during the campaign.

“I didn’t have any sense of that,” he said. “And I continue to say I have never been shown any proof directly; I’ve never seen anything that was in the report, I’ve never had anyone show me that it actually affected a single vote. There’s one thing for people attempting to do things and I think without actually being successful. The Democrats wanted to make it look like they were successful. My argument is I haven’t seen any proof of that.”

Parscale said he considers Florida to be a must win state.

“Florida is always gonna be critical,” he said. “I mean it’s a key state. It’s got a lot of electoral votes. It’s Trump country as I call it. It’s a state we need to win. And I think we will win. I think we’re in the driver’s seat right now to win.”

“In my column, Florida is a do or die state.”

Parscale continued: “Well I think that you know, it’s so different than for a Democrat – California is a do or die state. I’m just saying it’s one of the states we need to win as a Republican. Ohio’s another one of those for us. Texas is one of those. Those are three states as Republicans that have large electoral counts that right now are Republican leaning states that we need to win.”

Parscale said he believed Trump could win in states he lost before.

“I think the three main states I’m looking at right now are New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada,” he said. “Those three states are if you look at the Latino vote and the way we’ve progressed and continue to be successful with that vote, it has brought the southwest up for us. And I think that’s made New Mexico now in play if not we’re in the lead. Nevada not only in play, we’re in the lead.”

One thing is for certain, it will be the most expensive Presidential race in history.

Asked what keeps him up at night, Parscale thought for a moment and then said: “Look we probably have to raise a billion dollars. If there’s anything that keeps me up — How do you get to a billion dollars? I think we’re going to do it. I hope we even get higher than a billion dollars. “

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