Homeowner plans to sue Cape Coral over water meter beehive

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: Photo shared with WINK News.

A Cape Coral homeowner says for the last three years, bees have been swarming in the water meter outside his home. City officials say it’s not their responsibility. Now, the homeowner must act.

The City of Cape Coral told us homeowner Tim Trimble notified officials he plans to sue the city after he said he was told the city is not responsible for the bees near his home.

“Even mowing down there or trimming or anything is dangerous,” Trimble said.

The city said it emailed homeowner Trimble, providing him with the name of a suggested bee removal company.

Trimble said they set up shop inside the water meter in his front yard.

“Whenever I went back to open it, I found the surprise,” Trimble said.

Trimble said the species he is dealing with are the Africanized honeybee, an invasive species that U.S. Department of Agriculture lists as “more aggressive than European honeybees; negative impact on honey production industry,” according to UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension.

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He recently used a spray to try to get rid of the bees, and now flies are making use of what is left.

Trimble said the city has refused to solve his bee issue. Trimble said the water meter box is in the city’s right-of-way. And he thinks they should be responsible for eradicating them.

The city attorney’s office plans to get in touch with Trimble, since he has told them he plans to sue.

Trimble is worried someone will get hurt.

“There’s always kids walking up and down the street riding their bikes or skateboards or whatever,” Trimble said. “There are other animals besides my dog.”

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