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6 injured in boat fire on Naples Bay

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Naples Police Department confirmed six people were injured in a boat fire on Naples Bay Saturday morning.

According to Naples PD, a boat caught fire near marker 40 in the bay around 10:30 a.m. The passengers on the boat had just finished fueling at a pump that was not at a city dock, and the sea vessel caught fire upon leaving the dock.

A witness nearby described the commotion as the scene unfolded. 

“I heard like a big cannon sound, like a big boom,” Mark Jimenez said. “And like five seconds later, all I heard was, ‘Help, help help.'” 

As good Samaritans, Jimenez and others quickly responded to the passengers on the boat.

“We rushed to the fuel dock, and we seen several people on the water and then several people trying to help them get out the water,” said. “Once they got to the fuel dock, we helped them out the boat and made sure that the ambulance was called.” 

At least one passenger was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The scene cleared by noon.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is the lead agency investigating the boat fire.

“They had like three police cars, fire trucks, paramedics, everything,” witness Susan Boucek said. “I hope that they recover quickly and have full health again soon.”