Bahamian women band together to help rebuild their islands

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Bahamian women work together to rebuild Bahamas (WINK News)

Bahamians are still desperate for help after Hurricane Dorian slammed the islands nearly a month ago.

But one major issue they’ve been having—the aid hasn’t been getting to the families fast enough.

“I wake up with dreams of me swimming for my life and also swimming a lot of people that I’m trying to save,” said Peachie TianVan from the Grand Bahamas.

She survived Hurricane Dorian and now she’s in SWFL, still trying to help people in her homelands weeks after the massive storm destroyed so much.

“We are resilient, definitely, Bahamians are resilient. The other thing is that we consider ourselves as one. There is a saying in our vernacular, we say, ‘all are we is one’ and in English that means, all of us are one,” she said.

TianVan and those helping her are just a few of the faces gathering donations and resources to rebuild the Bahamas…to take back home.

“There is progress, but it’s slow,” said TianVan.

“They are still sleeping outside and they still don’t have a place to lay their head,” said Corlette Deveaux.

She, TianVan and Shirelle TianVan as well as Doctor Theresa Clark, hope to get these boxes of donations and money directly onto the backs and in the pockets of those who desperately need it.

The donations will go directly to two churches within the community and from there, directly to the Bahamian people in need.

“Bahamian women rock, come rock with us. Help us rebuild Bahamas,” they all said in unison.

And fast, before it’s too late.

If you’d like to donate, you can visit the Rebuild Bahamas website.

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