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Ex-girlfriend calls Wade Wilson a ‘psychopath,’ says she tried to warn everyone

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Cape Coral police confirmed Friday that Wade Wilson is the person of interest in the murders of Diane Ruiz and Kristine Melton.

We spoke with Wilson’s ex-girlfriend who says her warnings about him went unheard. Now, she’s relieved that he’s behind bars.

Kelly Matthews thought she found the real deal.

“He was very tall and handsome, charismatic,” she said.

She and Wilson met online and she used one word to describe the beginning of their relationship: “Perfect.”

“Like, yeah, he has a good sense of humor and he seemed very smart. My family and friends really liked him,” said Matthews.

She says Wilson even helped her mom out with yard work. But at some point, things turned sour.

“[He] punched a hole through my back door once and threatened to kill my dogs a couple times,” she said.

Then, in February, one day before her birthday, Matthews says he put his hands on her.

He told me he could either knock me out and tie me to a tree or he could tie me up in my car. So, obviously, I didn’t want him to hit my face, but he ended up hitting me in my face anyway, splitting my lip open. He tied me up in the back up my car, covered me with laundry so no one could see me and ended up driving me all the way to the Keys.

During the trip from Palm Beach to the Keys, Matthews says she was also raped. She reported the crime to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, but no charges were filed.

According to the report, Wilson disputed the claims and there were no witnesses and no evidence to establish probable cause.

Matthews worried if not her, he would kill someone else. That’s why, she says, she tried to get him in prison.

So she turned to Facebook, posting her story twice in May. She says Wilson’s next girlfriend also filed a report claiming abuse. She reached out to Matthews online.

“…the first time Wade hit [her,] she had contacted me crying about it and I told her to get away from him because of what he did to me, and the next time he’s probably going to kill them,” she said.

Words of warning she wishes everyone would have listened to.

When asked how she’d describe him now, Matthews said, “A psychopath. Like, a disgusting monster.”