Fort Myers sculptures set to move, public input could stop it

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Rust sculptures in the downtown historic district have been scheduled to see relocation, and it’s nearing that time. But the move for them is not quite set in stone, and the public might have one last chance to keep them in place if they want them to.

The City of Fort Myers Public Art Committee said it would reconsider the movement of some rust sculptures in downtown Fort Myers if enough members of the public were against it.

“They have been here for a long time, so people will miss them,” Jimmi Melton said.

Melton said he’s grown accustomed to seeing the tall art pieces downtown and will miss the statues if they are moved.

“The chess game up the street, you can actually figure out what chess pieces are taking,” Melton said. “So it’s unique.”

The chess and domino players are among 15 rust figures that could be relocated, while some of the more controversial ones will stay put.

“The gentleman standing with his dog, urinating,” Melton said. “It’s funny.”

The art committee’s plans to create art hubs with the metal installations throughout the city are moving ahead after a meeting Tuesday.

“Concentrate the pieces in areas that are frequented by a large number of residents and tourists,” said Tom Hall, the city’s public art consultant. “So they have an opportunity to see the artworks.”

”You’ve got to share though,” Dale Gilbert said. “Let other people see it. I mean that’s what art’s about.”

Once the public art committee presents its final plan to Fort Myers City Council, if the money is approved, the sculptures will be moved.

Still, some want the large, iron giants to stay where they have been for years.

“It’s a trademark of the area,” Jamie Meiers said.


Credit: City of Fort Myers.
Credit: City of Fort Myers.
Credit: City of Fort Myers.
Credit: City of Fort Myers.
Credit: City of Fort Myers.

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