Gator came knocking on Fort Myers woman’s door on Thanksgiving

Author: CBS Miami
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(CBS Miami)

A family’s Thanksgiving was interrupted when a nearly nine-foot alligator began banging on the front door.

“He was hissing and swinging his tail around,” said homeowner Chhaa Behary. “And I looked through the window and sure enough there’s a gigantic alligator and his tail was just smacking my door. It was intense.”

“I’m like why my house? Do you smell turkey?” she added.

The gator didn’t just startle Behary, but her neighbors as well who alerted her about the roaming reptile over Facebook and came by to take a look.

‘There were golf carts and trucks full of people, they just wanted to see the show but then I had to tell them to leave just in case anybody got hurt,” said Behary.

Beharry’s fiancé called the Florida Fish And Wildlife who sent trappers which showed up in minutes to remove the gator. Trapping it, however, was tough.

“They were just trying to get him out but he was like rolling all the way through,” said Beharry.

The gator isn’t a first for the neighborhood.

“We got lakes out here, like three of them. So you’ll see gators just pop up,” said one of Beharry’s neighbors. Many hope an encounter this close will be the last.

“Just take caution with your animals, your children, just don’t walk outside in the dark at night because that’s when they’re out,” said Beharry.

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