BBB warns users before they download the Santa phone apps


With today’s technology, your family can talk to Santa over the phone, and can even Facetime with him.

All you have to do is type ‘Santa’ into the app store and view the many results.

But, the Better Business Bureau warns users to be careful of what information those apps are collecting on your child.

“Can they take pictures, can they use pictures on that phone, are they collecting personal information of your child and what are they doing with that information,” said Bryan Oglesby, Director of Public Relations at the BBB.

We tried out one of the apps just to see, and it asked for the birthday of the person Santa was calling and the gender.

But when you read all the app’s privacy policy, like the BBB recommends, you find it’s rather difficult to understand.

Some key things that stood out were, they may be able to collect names, birthday, phone number, address, email, photos, audio and video recordings, and cookies on site.

So the info each website collects on you, the policy says the app will hold that information as long as possible, so no expiration date is given.

And your information could be transferred to computers in another country where our data protection laws do not apply.

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