Are SWFL parents ready to ditch their screens this holiday season?

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A new survey by OnePoll and Groupon has found four out of five parents would try a digital detox – ditching their phone to make the most with their family – to be more present during the holiday season.

Being that it is 2019, parents frequently see their kids on their iPads.

“They’re pretty much hooked on their electronics,” said Tim Boock, who is visiting from Minnesota with his wife, Heather, and their kids.

Sonia Bhangoo is visiting with her husband and kids from Chicago. For her son and daughter, she keeps electronic use down to 30 minutes during the school week and usually under an hour during the holidays.

“When holidays come around and even weekends,” Bhangoo said, “we let them have a little more free time.”

But, Bhangoo does have an exception to her rules on airports and airplanes “so we can get through the day.”

“We don’t want them to become obsessed with electronics,” Bhangoo said, “but we also live in a world where electronics, computers, iPads, are incorporated into everyday life.”

As for the Boock family, they make sure to get outside as much as possible. While they do not give their kids a screen time limit, it is not a free for all.

“We just have to take it away,” Tim said. “They might cry a little bit about it but it’s for the best.”

“And then they’re always better behaved and have a better day anyway once it’s gone,” Heather said. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

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