Ways to maintain your health during self-quarantine

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Many gyms have closed, and we are asked to stay home, so we looked at how we can all keep our health on track during self-quarantines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We spoke to a fitness instructor and a nutritionist about things people can do at home.

Many of us have seen the push-up challenge on social media, encouraging friends and family to join in.

“If you have dumbbells, resistance bands or a treadmill, great,” Fara Moskowitz said. “But, if not, you still can get your body moving. So waking up and starting your day like any normal day. Obviously, t’s different but doing the best that you can.”

Moskowitz was a head coach for Orange Theory before the company laid her off Friday. But she’s still active online, helping people stay healthy and happy.

“Just because I’m not getting a pay check from Orange Theory doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the clients or the members,” Moskowitz said.

Get creative with your workouts. You can use everyday objects in your house. And many fitness companies are posting videos online you can follow along with.

“Taking advantage of this online platform, the fitness community has had to quickly transform too,” Moskowitz said.

Dietitian Gisela Bouvier says it has to be a balance.

“A lot of people are not buying fresh fruits and vegetables because they’re concerned about other people touching them,” Bouvier said. “But you can buy salad in a bag or a container. You can buy fruits such as apple and oranges that are pre bagged as well. Things like carrots all come packaged.”

Here’s the good news:You don’t have to throw away all of the macaroni and cheese or pizza you may have stocked up on. Just make sure you’re balancing it out with something healthier.

“If you want a frozen pizza night, that’s totally fine,” said. “But the reality is that our bodies are really intelligent vessels, and, if we eat frozen pre-packaged items every single day, you aren’t going to feel good.”

No matter what, you can always take a walk with your dog, ride a bike and run outside as long as you keep your distance from others.

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