How to make food last and reduce trips to the grocery store

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Did you know you can freeze milk? Even certain cheeses?

With officials telling us to stay home, many of us are trying to preserve what food we have.

First, make sure your storage spots are the right temperature.

The FDA says your fridge should be at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and your freezer at or below zero degrees.

When it comes to making things last, your freezer is your friend.

Things like milk, raw egg whites and yolks not in the shell, butter, and shredded cheese can stay in the freezer for months.

And even your fruits, vegetables, and legumes can last longer in that zero degree space.

“Especially right now, it’s super important to be eating fruits and vegetables,” says Dr. Marcela Trevino with Florida SouthWestern State College, adding that we all need to keep eating healthy.

Dr. Trevino said you have to be mindful when spending so much time at home, especially with “processed foods, because right now is a time where people might be relying on those foods that are ready to go, but of course, the danger with that is they have added fats, added sugar, added salt so its best to try sticking with whole foods.”

And those “best buy” dates on dry goods – They don’t have anything to do with the food’s safety unless it’s infant formula.

They’re just a quality guideline not even required by law. Just look for common spoilage signs before use.

If there’s a shelf life you’re unsure about download the app Food Keeper, created by the USDA. It tells you how long food lasts in the fridge versus freezer, and even recalls, too.

Do you have a bunch of random items in your pantry?

The website Super Cook lets you plug in what you already have on hand and searches for recipes, so you can use up what you have and reduce waste and trips to the grocery store.


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