Community members work together to give out free meals

Reporter: Nicole Gabe
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Meals for the community (WINK News)

First come, first serve.

Michelle Pope, owner of Chelle’s Special Touch Catering, is serving the community for free, all thanks to Benita and Joe North with North Law Firm.

Michelle Pope (WINK News)

“The money came from, like I said, Mr. North and Benita North, but instead of me taking the money and making money off of a situation that is to be helpful to other people, I just chose to give the money all to the cause,” Pope said.

The North’s told us they were inspired by others in our community.

“We saw that people had a need,” said Benita. “Watching the news one morning, we saw where people were filling up the food pantries in and out and just trying to get what they could. And just understanding that people are having a difficult time right now so Joe was like, well maybe we can do something of that sort.”

Joe and Benita North (WINK News)

“Even though we are all going through a very difficult time, it’s during these times that we have to be a blessing to others,” Joe said. “As long as we are continuing to bless others we are going to be blessed.”

Pope admits the coronavirus impacted her business but sees this as an opportunity to give back.

“My whole thing about cooking and being in the profession that I’m in, I just like to see people eating and smiling. That makes my heart happy,” she said.

And those who picked up admire their kind services.

“I think this is real nice, just giving. During a time like this it’s pretty cool,” said Kennedy.

“Thank you over and over again,” said Wilmer.

Pope and the North’s hope others are inspired and lend a helping hand…or meal.

“We have followed the example of so many in the community that are already doing things like this and are helping those that are less fortunate or those who are struggling or are needing a little bit more assistance, so we are just trying to follow the example of others and keep the chain going,” Benita said.

Pope says she will donate the leftover food to the homeless community in Fort Myers.

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