Bonita Springs-based leadership coach offers words of encouragement during pandemic

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Words we hear and think during these trying times can change our outlook. That’s what one Bonita Springs-based leadership and career coach believes.

She records about five minutes of encouragement every day to help us adjust to these changing times.

“Feel courageous and in control even when the world around you is out of control,” says Darcy Eikenberg. She records encouraging messages in her home to empower people through these trying times.

“As we were beginning to see what was happening in the world with the coronavirus and broader economic crisis, I asked what do you need from someone like me? How can I be of service? And the answers that I got back were, ‘I just need some encouragement,'” she said.

So she turned her 12-plus years of leadership and life coaching experience into an audio encouragement series.

“I took a lot of the things I was hearing myself say to my clients and the lessons I’ve taught over the years and broke them down into five-minute snippets,” Eikenberg said.

The series is free for anyone that signs up to receive daily emails with positive messages and a link to her latest spoken support session.

“It’s so user friendly you just click on a link and it pops up,” said Lauren Redding. “It’s short clips; it’s not a time commitment.”

Redding says they’ve helped her transition to working from home and running her Naples art studio virtually.

“It’s not just a morale booster. There are practical bits of advice I can emulate actively,” she said.

“One of the messages is knowing what you can control…to not succumb to the fear and the noise and the overwhelm that I think a lot of us are experiencing right now,” Eikenberg said. “I realized this was the way that I wanted to serve my audience and serve people that I care about.”

With words that inspire us to keep moving forward together.

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