Lindsey’s Lesson: The Naples Zoo

Reporter: Lindsey Sablan
Published: Updated:

In Thursday’s “Lindsey’s lesson,” Lindsey highlights one of her favorite family places locally— the Naples Zoo.

Staff at the zoo say that while the park is closed, they’re keeping busy by sprucing up the grounds but also providing a ton of free educational content for you.

Their website offers family activities, such as craft ideas and coloring pages you can download.

The videos are really cool. Caitlin, one of the show keepers, demonstrates how they train their southern ground hornbill.

The director of animal programs, Liz Harmon, said the animals miss you as much as you miss them – especially the giraffes, who get feed from visitors.

“Bruehler the giraffe misses us. Bruehler is the one who likes to eat the most so we have had staff go up; we open the station and feed him as well. Then Athena, our little Florida panther, she just loves people so staff has been stopping by her window, spending time with her,” Harmon said.

Harmon said after what happened with a big cat contracting the virus at the Bronx Zoo, they are now taking precautions by wearing gloves and masks when they interact with the animals.

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