Latest warning: Scammers using fear, intimidation to get you to pay

Reporter: Rich Kolko
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FILE: Cyber security

You’re going through your inbox and you get an email with your name and part of your password in the subject line. You read it and it says they have put malware on your computer and have been watching you through the camera. Is this even possible?

It is possible, but the chances of that happening are slim,” says Griffon Force President Carrie Kerskie. “You would have had to click on something, downloaded something in order for someone to install the malware on there.”

The scammer threatens to send video of you doing inappropriate things to everyone in your address book, social media sites and contact lists—even your parents. They want you to send money using Bitcoin.

The bad guys are just using fear and intimidation. So if you get this email just delete it,” Kerskie said.

It’s just another scam and with people at home with time on their hands, scammers know to send out these mass emailings using information from old data breaches.

Getting an email like this can be stressful, but remember: don’t open email attachments; never send gift cards or wire money and change your password yearly.

If you want some peace of mind, just put some tape on the camera when you’re not using it!


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