Residents of Lee County waste no time returning to beaches that have reopened

Reporter: Dannielle Garcia
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Lee County beaches reopen on April, 29, 2020.

Some of the most popular beach spots are back open in Lee County—but they’re right next to areas with tougher restrictions.

Wednesday morning video shows beaches are getting crowded as soon as they opened.

The beach in front of Lynn Hall park is open — and people are wasting no time getting out there.

People are sitting in their chairs and kids playing in the water.

Some people say they even did a little celebratory dance when they reached the beach this morning.

“When I first got here I did a little happy dance in the parking lot—I will admit I got out of the car freaked out a little bit,” said Deborah McCallister, who was at Fort Myers Beach.

People say they are enjoying being able to get out again, but are still taking social distancing precautions.

“It’s nice to be able to get out and do a little something—maintain the social distancing and enjoy the views,” said Fort Myers Beach resident, Bill Thrower.

For the most part, people are keeping their distance.

Bowditch Point, as well as Crescent Beach just on the other side of the pier, is also open.

The sheriff’s office will be out patrolling to make sure people don’t get together in large groups.

Parking, restrooms, and all the amenities will also be open.

South of Crescent Park all the way to Big Carlos Pass bridge is already closed for the day.

The town of Fort Myers Beach is opening that area for just three hours a day—7 a.m. until 10 a.m. for exercise only.

Plus it’s just for people who live on FMB and have proof. The town says they’ll reevaluate their restrictions at a meeting Friday.

County beaches in Bonita Springs and along the causeway are also open on Wednesday.

If you’re unsure look for the county logo on beach access points—that will let you know you’re good to go.

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