Will new CDC information stop the surge in buying cleaning products?

Reporter: Erika Jackson Writer: Drew Hill
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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, cleaning supplies have been flying off store shelves. People have been encouraged to disinfect every surface in their homes but especially high traffic areas such as doorknobs, light switches and countertops.

The Clorox company reported that its sales grew 32 percent. Charlotte County says it’s spending four times more on its cleaning vendor than it did last year, moving the figure from six to seven figures annually.

Brian Gleason, the communications manager for Charlotte County says, “Before the pandemic, we would clean on a regular basis. After the pandemic, it became daily.”

Gleason also mentioned that they’re taking special precautions.

“We installed Plexiglass dividers between our customer service representatives and customers.”

But now that the CDC is saying the coronavirus is primarily spread from person to person, not necessarily by touching common surfaces, will the surge in spending on cleaning services and products end?

Port Charlotte resident Joni Hansen doesn’t believe so.

“I would imagine we would still be buying and step it up a little bit if it’s available,” she said, in hopes that “our house would be as germ-free as possible.”

Because, like many, Hansen wants her home to be as germ-free as possible. During the pandemic, she’s increased her spending on cleaning products for her household as well. ”

“We spent more than double. We get something just about every time we get to the store,” Hansen mentioned.

Hansen has also created a new routine. “As I cook something or spill something, I just got my little spray out and clean it right up,” she explained. “We’re bringing groceries in and putting them on the counter with the sacks. I threw all the sacks away and then I automatically just clean up again.”

Gleason also believes that, at least for now, Charlotte County’s need for cleaning products will not lessen adding, “Everything that we do is based on the safety of the public and the employees and so we want to make sure we take every step necessary to make sure that those folks are safe.”

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