Lindsey’s lesson: Audubon for Kids

Reporter: Lindsey Sablan
Published: Updated:

As we all start going out a little more, Audubon for Kids is the perfect website to utilize as a lesson for your children.

You can start the learning at home, then go out in nature and put your lesson into action.

They have done nine lessons so far featuring different birds:

Owls, hummingbirds, raptors, and most recently shorebirds.

Let’s focus in on the shorebirds since you can go explore them on our beaches.

You can start by learning about the types of birds that make up shorebirds, how to protect them, you can also learn the lingo and draw a bird of your own.

Last week one of the videos they offered in the lesson was peaking inside a puffin burrow.

You could start this now and do one a week then try to go out and spot the ones in our area.

It could be a fun way to explore our nature differently with your kids.

For more information and to try it out with your kids visit the Audubon for Kids website here.

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